By Caroline Trudeau

We are more alike than different.


I am a modern experience innovation visionary & strategist. I orchestrate individuals and collectives to purposefully curate digital solutions that aim at building lasting customer loyalty.

I am a generalist. My approach is broad in scope and multi-disciplinary in execution. I consider the integration ecosystems in which companies operate, the possibilities enabled by emerging technologies, and most importantly the emotions brands want to evoke in their customers as foundation for customer experience-based growth.

I have spent more than two decades studying, designing for, advising and serving brands who intentionally choose to prioritize human-centered experiences. Our partnerships have resulted in new value channels where creating intimacy with customers reigns as the strategic solution to gnarly problems.

My passion is in the automotive and mobility industry. This is my definition of experience.

I value trust, discipline, creative collaboration, humor and getting things done. We have a lot of work to do; there is no time to waste.


The Voices Collection is a creative celebration of my desire to authentically and unapologetically express myself and inspire others to do the same. It’s the place where I practice my passion for telling stories, for writing and for experimenting with content. Where I let my voices out.

By sharing our stories and experiences with radical candor, we can explore emotions, provoke thought, enhance human connection, empower individuality, encourage dialogue, break some rules and spark some change, collectively. This is an invitation to join me.

The Voices Collection also serves as a platform that welcomes individuals who desire to explore expressing themselves, digitally. Meet The Voices.


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