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THE VOICES COLLECTION is a creative celebration of my desire to authentically and unapologetically express myself and inspire others to do the same.
By sharing our stories and experiences with radical candor, we can explore emotions, provoke thought, enhance human connection, empower individuality, encourage dialogue, break some rules and spark some change.


Slalom DC


From Slalom DC, this is my speaker, creative director, executive producer – my leader reel.  Read more about the story behind the movie here.

Female One Zero

I am honored to be Germany’s Female One Zero‘s North America Ambassador.  Born in my favorite city of Munich, Germany, Female One Zero is a digital English-language global content platform dedicated to sharing women’s stories of empowerment, leadership in the digital age and diversity.

In this role, I contribute my bi-cultural North American point-of-view on diversity topics in hopes to spark global conversations about our similarities and differences. I aim to inspire individuals to use their voice to advance women’s collective position in the world.

DC Design Week 2020

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 8.04.45 PM

I’m pretty stoked to be part of DC Design Week’s programming this year!

The shortest pitch I ever gave is happening this Friday morning with a global organization I’m thrilled and proud to be associated with both personally and professionally: CreativeMornings.

The topic: Spectrum.

To check me out on Friday September 25th: register here.

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