By Caroline Trudeau

Because we are more alike than different.

And we all could use a little bit more love.


The Voices Collection is a creative celebration of my desire to authentically and unapologetically express myself and inspire others to do the same. It’s the place where I practice my passion for telling stories, for writing and for experimenting with content. Where I let my voices out.

Stories invite intimacy.

By sharing our stories and experiences with radical candor, we can explore emotions, provoke thought, enhance human connection, empower individuality, encourage dialogue, break some rules and spark some change. As individuals and collectively.

The Collection also serves as a publishing platform for individuals who want to explore expressing themselves on a digital channel. Meet The Voices.



I am an experience strategist and innovator, a visionary and a transformation orchestrator. I bring 25 years of digital customer-based consulting leadership and delivery expertise to the experience economy. In tech, agency, IT & management consulting, non-profit, hospitality & automotive.

I help C-suites and senior executives imagine and deliver human experience-related strategies for purposeful growth.

I practice exploring emotions as a way to create a 2-way conversational channel between brands and their constituents. For results that sustain the test of time and relationships. I measure return on feeling.

And I talk about love, at work. Because we could all use a little bit more love.


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